In Memory Of

If you would like to donate in someone’s memory. Please make your donation and email us stating your name and the person you wish to have recognized. We will place your and their names on our website.

YearDonorIn Memory Of
2017Lamar HallJohn R Spencer "Jack"
2017Vickie & Rick RoeAndrew H Roberts
2017Brenda VoelkelMalcolm Voelkel
2016William PannillMary Lynn Pannill
2016Brenda VoelkelMalcolm Voelkel
2016Crocker FamilyMollie Davis Walker
2016Patricia & Richard HurleyAndrew H Roberts
2016Sally & Michael ClarkAndrew H Roberts
2016Davis Brothers ConstructionAndrew H Roberts
2016Vickie & Rick RoeAndrew H Roberts
2016Lucy & Jon BremondAndrew H Roberts
2016Moira HoldenAndrew H Roberts
2016Maria & Miguel QuinonesAndrew H Roberts
2016Maky & Carlos AbelloAndrew H Roberts
2016Devra & Robert HemingAndrew H Roberts
2016Joan & Kevin DakerAndrew H Roberts
2016Linda & Chuck HintonAndrew H Roberts
2016Seema & Mital PatelAndrew H Roberts
2016Amanda PenaAndrew H Roberts
2016Yendell FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016Susan & Randy SofferAndrew H Roberts
2016Roxanne LangleyAndrew H Roberts
2016Erin AilworthAndrew H. Roberts
2016Caroline & Derek CardnoAndrew H Roberts
2016Meredith & Jonathan HylandAndrew H Roberts
2016Robert & Jennifer SwedbergAndrew H Roberts
2016Kevin & Cathy ReadyAndrew H Roberts
2016The Larry & Carol Daker FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016The Ed and Sally Hart FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016Leo HamelAndrew H Roberts
2016The Adkisson FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016Matthew TuttleAndrew H Roberts
2016Xchange Leasing TeamAndrew H Roberts
2016Amber Mostyn, Molly Bowen & April HaynesAndrew H Roberts
2016Lois & Ian KingAndrew H Roberts
2016Lynne GaddisAndrew H Roberts
2016Janet & Eugene FordAndrew H Roberts
2016The Jaco FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016Gabriel Ortigoza & Mayrem VilchezAndrew H Roberts
2016Yvette & David KeyAndrew H Roberts
2016Matta, Skip, Chip & Michelle ArbaughAndrew H Roberts
2016Dianna & Bud NortonAndrew H Roberts
2016Grace HobbyAndrew H Roberts
2016Beverley HuckAndrew H Roberts
2016Dawn & Abe GrausteinAndrew H Roberts
2016Steve ReadAndrew H Roberts
2016Cynthia D ByrneAndrew H Roberts
2016Dottie & Charles SanbornAndrew H Roberts
2016Brad SmithAndrew H Roberts
2016Chuck GaynierAndrew H Roberts
2016Jeff RobicheauxAndrew H Roberts
2016Dennis OchsAndrew H Roberts
2016Ed LongAndrew H Roberts
2016Jim McDowellAndrew H Roberts
2016Ron PedersonAndrew H Roberts
2016Randy AycockAndrew H Roberts
2016Don AycockAndrew H Roberts
2016Lampasas River Hunt ClubAndrew H Roberts
2016The Cook FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016Connie & Michael BeduzeAndrew H Roberts
2016John & Shari HorvathAndrew H Roberts
2016Giovanni GiulianiAndrew H Roberts
2016Greg ThompsonAndrew H Roberts
2016Mike & Glenna BowieAndrew H Roberts
2016DeeDee & Wallis MarshAndrew H Roberts
2016Theresa & Leon ApostoloAndrew H Roberts
2016Karen HudakAndrew H Roberts
2016Allie Zeger & Eric SchackelAndrew H Roberts
2016Nancy & Mike RaabAndrew H Roberts
2016Kile & Zack SpelzAndrew H Roberts
2016DOYEN SEBESTA, LTD, LLPAndrew H Roberts
2016GPM Pump and Seal, LLCAndrew H Roberts
2016Noel MonjureAndrew H Roberts
2016Therese & Joseph BroadusAndrew H Roberts
2016James BarnishAndrew H Roberts
2016Sandy & Mike RecklesAndrew H Roberts
2016Sara Speer SelberAndrew H Roberts
2016Cynthia BurtonRobert Haight
2016Don DunhamRobert Haight
2016Jane & Charles WeberRobert Haight
2016Liyan Mo PintoRobert Haight
2016Arthur KloderRobert Haight
2016Betty & Terry GardnerRobert Haight
2016Patricia WoodRobert Haight
2016Kris & Gordon MillsRobert Haight
2016Thomas NorcomRobert Haight
2016Elaine & Steve RoachRobert Haight
2016Renee & Rick LemmonRobert Haight
2016Carolyn & Bruce NicholRobert Haight
2016Su WebbRobert Haight
2016Larry JeffersonRobert Haight
2016Rebecca & Andrew RobertsRobert Haight
2016Mary & Jeff RandoRobert Haight
2016Therese & Joseph BroadusRobert Haight
2016Sandy & Mike RecklesRobert Haight
2016John & Linda WilliamsMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Nuala & Dickie Bob HaddoxMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Martha & Dan RutledgeMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Adela QuirchMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Conchita & Ernesto RegueraMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Mr. & Mrs. Daryl LansdaleMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Barbara & Roberto IglesiasMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Maria & Ricardo AbascalMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Ramon & Caridad ZubizarretaMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Consuelo & Eduardo ZubizarretaMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Norma & Miguel GomezMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Linda & Simon EylesMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Anne & Henry MerryMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Wilma & Felix de la VegaMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Marguerite RoganMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Donna & Harry PriceMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Geraldine & Joe GalatiMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Walcik ConstructionMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Olga AragonMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Ana & Cesar MaderaMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016TIRR FoundationMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Gisela & Eduardo ZorrillaMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Angie & Posie ClintonMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016The Balbona FamilyMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Sy & Selin SalerianMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Guido & Lillian VecchiarelliMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Andy & Shanna MarlowMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Dr. & Mrs. Nansen SaleriMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Brock & Carol O'Hearn Aquarius Pools of AustinMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Patrick & Suzanne VarniMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Nancy PoppMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Karen FlowersMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Julia & Julio CayroMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Tery & Miguel HernandezMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Rebecca & Andrew RobetsMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Miguel & Maria QuinonesMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Davis Brothers Construction - Bob & Tom DavisRobert Marsh
2016Members of Lochinvar Golf ClubRobert Marsh