95% of your donation goes to purchasing bicycles and helmets!

Frankly we hate, no detest is a stronger word, the idea of telling schools they are not part of our bicycle program because of funds. Help us avoid this by directly donating and by participating in the passive giving opportunities provided by Amazon and Kroger.
$15 provides a helmet for a child $65 a bicycle $80 both helmet and bike A ‘OTHER’ field is provided so you can input your donation preference
Clicking the Donate button takes you directly to our secure PayPal donation page. Please consider making a reoccurring donation! A personal PayPal account is necessary to do this.

Thank you for your donation!

BTW.... Making CYCLE your Amazon Smile Charity has netted us enough cash for 22 bikes.

For everyone that made CYCLE their Amazon Smile charity, THANK YOU!!!

If you haven’t made CYCLE your Amazon choice yet, please do! It does work!