Our bicycle program is the center of our organization’s efforts.

In 2019 we provided bicycles to 45 different schools in 9 different school districts, giving bikes to 5,300 deserving students!

To date we have awarded more than 175,000 bicycles to hard-working students. To connect our program with the students that need us most, we work directly with school districts whom provide us a list of Title One schools we can support. A Title One designated school is where a minimum 40% of the student population are qualified as low-income.

Why do we target 2nd Graders? In a survey we took with educators, we discovered that the 2nd grade is the last formative year in which students are learning to read and sound out what they are reading. Starting in the 3rd grade, students are transitioning to reading for content and understanding. After the 3rd grade, students with poor reading skills start becoming unwilling participants in negative academic, behavioral and income statistical predictors.

It is CYCLE’s belief that to incentivize these students does the following:

  • Creates excitement for the child and ownership to learn
  • Child’s excitement encourages guardian participation
  • Creates a ‘learn does earn’ reference point
  • Acquired study skills continue throughout academic career
  • Enhances a positive self-esteem outlook upon goal success: because THEY earned it
  • Encourages a positive and collaborative learning environment at school and home
  • Most efficient use of funds because our incentive becomes less effective at subsequent stages

To ensure success; teachers, parents, and students collaborate to create personalized goals and make a commitment to work together to achieve those goals by signing a contract. The contract does have a behavioral component such as attendance and participation. After the agreed contract period, usually 3 months, faculty informs us of the students who have met or exceeded the goals. We then fulfill our part of the contract by awarding the student with a brand new bicycle and helmet.

We have spring, summer, and fall reading programs. Each program kicks off with an exciting school pep rally and ends with a bike build and a distribution event.

If you represent a Title One school and are interested in participating, please email us for more information.
If you would like to help us to encourage and reward young students, please consider making a donation today.