Core Team - Core Team MembersAlexa, originally from Louisiana, joined us in 2004. She meets and greets you at the front desk, so she is definitely a face of our organization. She is the mother of three daughters, and she enjoys playing with her eight grandchildren, gardening, and cooking. - Core Team MembersAmanda, originally from Kingsville, works at Chevron and has been a core team member since 2010. She enjoys teaching people how to build bikes and is excellent at socializing with other team members!
Barbie has been part of the core team since 2016 Originally from Wisconsin, she has one daughter, loves food and plants, and enjoys living here in Houston. She greets you at the door, and her smile sets the tone for the rest of your experience at the bike builds. - Core Team MembersBrittany got involved with the bike builds years ago, and as time went on, be became involved with the Bike Ball as well. For the past two years she has been a member of the core team, and she loves to see smiles the on kids’ faces! - Core Team MembersCharlie, joined us 2008. When he is not driving a forklift, helping out in QA or walking the floor he is a pilot with United. - Core Team MembersChris A is a Houstonian and a pilot with United Airlines. He has been a member of core team since 2010 and has been building bikes with us since 2004. He enjoys working with the recipients who earn the bikes and the volunteers who build the bikes. In his spare time, he keeps up with his two children and enjoys cycling and old muscle cars. - Core Team MembersChris R has been a volunteer with our organization since 2003. As an avid cyclist, he knows the joy of owning a bike. His wonderful wife, Amy, and his two teenage daughters, Lindsey and Lauren, keep Chris busy the rest of the time. - Core Team MembersDebbie has been with the charity since 2004, and she enjoys volunteering and promoting any event that raises money for the organization. She is also involved in many other charitable groups in Houston including the Continental Airlines Cycling team. - Core Team MembersYee-Bien was with us in 2004 then was MIA as she went north for 8 years. On her return she rewrote our Core Team handbook , tweaked some of our logistical logjams and became a Caravan Captain. She is usually found at the front welcome desk .
Mark C has been with the charity since 2017,