If you would like to donate in someone’s memory. Please make your donation and email us info@CYCLEHouston.org stating your name and the person you wish to have recognized. We will place your and their names on our website.


Year Donor In Memory Of
2017Lamar Hall John R Spencer "Jack"
2017Vickie & Rick RoeAndrew H Roberts
2017Brenda VoelkelMalcolm Voelkel
2016William PannillMary Lynn Pannill
2016Brenda VoelkelMalcolm Voelkel
2016Crocker FamilyMollie Davis Walker
2016Patricia & Richard HurleyAndrew H Roberts
2016Sally & Michael ClarkAndrew H Roberts
2016Davis Brothers ConstructionAndrew H Roberts
2016Vickie & Rick RoeAndrew H Roberts
2016Lucy & Jon BremondAndrew H Roberts
2016Moira HoldenAndrew H Roberts
2016Maria & Miguel QuinonesAndrew H Roberts
2016Maky & Carlos AbelloAndrew H Roberts
2016Devra & Robert HemingAndrew H Roberts
2016Joan & Kevin DakerAndrew H Roberts
2016Linda & Chuck HintonAndrew H Roberts
2016Seema & Mital PatelAndrew H Roberts
2016Amanda PenaAndrew H Roberts
2016Yendell FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016Susan & Randy SofferAndrew H Roberts
2016Roxanne LangleyAndrew H Roberts
2016Erin AilworthAndrew H. Roberts
2016Caroline & Derek CardnoAndrew H Roberts
2016Meredith & Jonathan HylandAndrew H Roberts
2016Robert & Jennifer SwedbergAndrew H Roberts
2016Kevin & Cathy ReadyAndrew H Roberts
2016The Larry & Carol Daker FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016The Ed and Sally Hart FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016Leo HamelAndrew H Roberts
2016The Adkisson FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016Matthew TuttleAndrew H Roberts
2016Xchange Leasing TeamAndrew H Roberts
2016Amber Mostyn, Molly Bowen & April Haynes Andrew H Roberts
2016Lois & Ian King Andrew H Roberts
2016Lynne GaddisAndrew H Roberts
2016Janet & Eugene FordAndrew H Roberts
2016The Jaco FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016Gabriel Ortigoza & Mayrem VilchezAndrew H Roberts
2016Yvette & David Key Andrew H Roberts
2016Matta, Skip, Chip & Michelle ArbaughAndrew H Roberts
2016Dianna & Bud NortonAndrew H Roberts
2016Grace Hobby Andrew H Roberts
2016Beverley HuckAndrew H Roberts
2016Dawn & Abe GrausteinAndrew H Roberts
2016Steve ReadAndrew H Roberts
2016Cynthia D ByrneAndrew H Roberts
2016Dottie & Charles SanbornAndrew H Roberts
2016Brad SmithAndrew H Roberts
2016Chuck GaynierAndrew H Roberts
2016Jeff RobicheauxAndrew H Roberts
2016Dennis Ochs Andrew H Roberts
2016Ed LongAndrew H Roberts
2016Jim McDowellAndrew H Roberts
2016Ron PedersonAndrew H Roberts
2016Randy AycockAndrew H Roberts
2016Don AycockAndrew H Roberts
2016Lampasas River Hunt ClubAndrew H Roberts
2016The Cook FamilyAndrew H Roberts
2016Connie & Michael BeduzeAndrew H Roberts
2016John & Shari Horvath Andrew H Roberts
2016Giovanni GiulianiAndrew H Roberts
2016Greg ThompsonAndrew H Roberts
2016Mike & Glenna Bowie Andrew H Roberts
2016DeeDee & Wallis MarshAndrew H Roberts
2016Theresa & Leon ApostoloAndrew H Roberts
2016Karen HudakAndrew H Roberts
2016Allie Zeger & Eric SchackelAndrew H Roberts
2016Nancy & Mike RaabAndrew H Roberts
2016Kile & Zack SpelzAndrew H Roberts
2016DOYEN SEBESTA, LTD, LLPAndrew H Roberts
2016GPM Pump and Seal, LLCAndrew H Roberts
2016Noel MonjureAndrew H Roberts
2016Therese & Joseph BroadusAndrew H Roberts
2016James BarnishAndrew H Roberts
2016Sandy & Mike RecklesAndrew H Roberts
2016Sara Speer SelberAndrew H Roberts
2016Cynthia BurtonRobert Haight
2016Don DunhamRobert Haight
2016Jane & Charles WeberRobert Haight
2016Liyan Mo PintoRobert Haight
2016Arthur KloderRobert Haight
2016Betty & Terry GardnerRobert Haight
2016Patricia WoodRobert Haight
2016Kris & Gordon MillsRobert Haight
2016Thomas Norcom Robert Haight
2016Elaine & Steve Roach Robert Haight
2016Renee & Rick LemmonRobert Haight
2016Carolyn & Bruce NicholRobert Haight
2016Su WebbRobert Haight
2016Larry JeffersonRobert Haight
2016Rebecca & Andrew RobertsRobert Haight
2016Mary & Jeff RandoRobert Haight
2016Therese & Joseph BroadusRobert Haight
2016Sandy & Mike RecklesRobert Haight
2016John & Linda Williams Martha Fernandez de Castro
2016Nuala & Dickie Bob HaddoxMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Martha & Dan RutledgeMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Adela QuirchMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Conchita & Ernesto RegueraMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Lansdale Martha Fernandez de Castro
2016Barbara & Roberto IglesiasMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Maria & Ricardo AbascalMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Ramon & Caridad ZubizarretaMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Consuelo & Eduardo ZubizarretaMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Norma & Miguel Gomez Martha Fernandez de Castro
2016Linda & Simon EylesMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Anne & Henry MerryMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Wilma & Felix de la VegaMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Marguerite RoganMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Donna & Harry PriceMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Geraldine & Joe GalatiMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Walcik ConstructionMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Olga AragonMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Ana & Cesar MaderaMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016TIRR FoundationMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Gisela & Eduardo ZorrillaMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Angie & Posie ClintonMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016The Balbona FamilyMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Sy & Selin SalerianMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Guido & Lillian VecchiarelliMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Andy & Shanna Marlow Martha Fernandez de Castro
2016Dr. & Mrs. Nansen SaleriMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Brock & Carol O'Hearn Aquarius Pools of AustinMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Patrick & Suzanne VarniMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Nancy PoppMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Karen FlowersMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Julia & Julio CayroMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Tery & Miguel HernandezMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Rebecca & Andrew RobetsMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Miguel & Maria QuinonesMartha Fernandez de Castro
2016Davis Brothers Construction - Bob & Tom DavisRobert Marsh
2016Members of Lochinvar Golf Club Robert Marsh